11th Hour Radio
Co-hosts Kristina Stykos & Emily Howe debrief the week with humorous banter relating to the ups and downs of being artist-types trying to make ends meet in rural Vermont. Each episode includes interludes of homegrown music from Kristina and friends. Based on their live radio show broadcast Fridays at 11 a.m. on Royalton Community Radio, WFVR-LP, South Royalton, Vermont.

In this episode co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss Emily’s weird problem with her sinuses, a lack of burping function, how it feels to be six, several reasons why the illuminati might like New Zealand, a comparison between pretzels and rebar, processed food and weight gain, an old box of Pop Tarts, the relative merits of various lawn ornaments, gnome realism, fake wishing wells, the history of gazing balls, Frog Prince sculpture, using Facebook for venting during coffee breaks, when large becomes Venti, a disagreement about Stowe’s traffic signals, crashing a chiropractor’s conference, a brush with fate and an encounter with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., exorbitant ticket prices for Jacob Dylan, taking a foray into the criminal life, confusion around the word “camaraderie”, a deep dive into pellucidity and limpidity, luminosity and mirth, damaging your eyes with books, exploring the forth-class portion of Harolyn Hill Road, hearing children scream, a look at older dams, towns that were flooded, the glory days of Gaysville, the mysterious “Bethel White” granite quarry, passing through America, a sighting of Lady and Bill at the Tunbridge General Store, donuts and a giant sausage dog with tiny legs, crying because of a chain link pen, the BS of Emily’s dogs and subsequent porcupine quill update, organizing blind cats, a cupcake and scones compendium for future analysis - and so much more!

Featuring music from Vermont musicians & friends: Val McCallum [Charlie’s Coal]; Michael Oakland [Grand Design]; Will Patton [Anna’s Waltz].

Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Apple Podcasts or Youtube, or tune in Fridays at 11 am to hear this show live on WFVR-FM South Royalton, Vermont 96.5 FM, streaming online and rebroadcast at Royalton Community Radio and visit our website at www.11thHourRadio.com. Made possible in part by generous support from station sponsors Howvale Farm, The Tunbridge Grease Collective, Rivendell Restoration and the Mountain Folk Concert Series.

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